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2015 Family Reunion: The 14th Great Borror Family Reunion

Featured Stories:

NEW: Tom Arnold Graduates High School

NEW: Nick Tanner Graduates High School

NEW: David Ross Weds Jessica Rea

Debi Ross completes basic training for Ohio Air National Guard

David Ross Returns From Guantanemo (Previous Article: ROSS, David M. - MP in the U.S. Army Reserves)

ASU statistician tapped to help strengthen forensic science

The New York International School Appoints Shelley Borror Jackson as Head of School

An annotated version of The Diary of Ichabod B. Borror available by Charlotte Shover

Thirteenth Great Borror Reunion by Frank Borror

Genealogy Website Solution

Statue dedicated in Pendleton

13th Great Borror Reunion Scheduled

13th Great Borror Reunion Registration Form

Lillian Borror Kenney's 90th Birthday Party - 11 Aug 2013 (All Invited)

New Feature - Virtual Cemetery

Borror's Corners Publisher, Bob Arnold, Retires After 15 Years


Recent Family News:

BORROR, Kenneth W (1927 - 2015)

CROSS, Don W. (1927 - 2015)

LEHR, John Jacob, Jr.(1966 - 2015)

LYONS, Virginia Belle (Neff) 1923 - 2015

BORROR, Olga Elsa (Menner) 1927 - 2015

HAUGHN, Janice (1949 - 2015)

SIEBERT, Eleanor Reavis (Borror) (1919 - 2015)

WRIGHT, Ruth Irene (Borror) 1924 - 2014

LEVINE, Patricia Dian (Borror) (1935-2014)

PHILLIPS, William J. "Bill" (1941-2014)

BORROR, Evelyn (1935-2014)

BORROR, Patricia Ann (Kaiser) (1934 - 2014)

BORROR, Harold Maurice "Maury" (c. 1933-2014)

CARTMILLE, Patricia Ann (Dennis) (1925-2014)

Wener, Josephine Claire (b. 18 September 2013) Birth announcement

HUGONIOT, Eleanor Frances (1923-2014)

SHADE, Emmer Verne (c.1930-2014)

BORROR, Carl Stanley (1930 - 2014)